Terry Ward - Subject Leader - Humanities & Teacher of History
Mr Ward obtained a first-class M.A (Hons) degree in modern history from the University of St Andrews in 1997, and undertook his teacher training at St Martin's College, Carlisle. Mr Ward joined Cartmel Priory School in September 2003. 

Catherine Ashcroft - Teacher - History; Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Ashcroft is an experienced teacher, taking classes at key stages 3 and 4. 

About the Course

History at Cartmel is designed to be fun and varied. We cover a wide range of
historical topics, ranging from Medieval Britain in year 7 to international terrorism in year
9. At GCSE students  International Relations from 1900-1939, as well as the social history of America between 1919 and 1941 and the Vietnam War. Students also develop their independent learning and sourcework skills by completing two pieces of coursework on an aspect of the First and Second World Wars.

In both key stages, the emphasis is on engaging students through interactive tasks and increasing use of ICT. Students will regularly show off their historical knowledge, not only by way of the traditional essay, but also by way of PowerPoint presentations, role plays, dramas, news broadcasts, and debates.

At the beginning of each year in key stage 3, students receive a "menu" detailing exactly the topics they will study during the forthcoming year. The students are also provided with copies of the criteria by which their work will be marked - thereby allowing teacher and student to share in the assessment process, and agree appropriate targets for progression. At key stage 4, all students receive a detailed course timetable, including the key question of every lesson and full details of all exams to be taken. We also run an enjoyable and highly informative educational visit to the WW1 battlefields as part of pupils' GCSE course.

Further details of all history units taught at Cartmel Priory School are available upon request.

Year 7

  • An Introduction To History & History Skills
  • The Medieval World

Year 8

  • The Tudors & Stuarts
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Black Peoples Of America (Part 1)

Year 9

  • The Era of the Great War
  • 1919-1945
  • Black peoples of America (Part 2)
  • The World Now


  • International Relations 1890 - 1939
  • American Social History 
  • Student choice Coursework on WW1 and WW2

Please note a new GCSE specification is being introduced in summer 2016

History GCSE results are strong. In 2013, over 80%of all students achieved grades A* - C and in 2014 100% of pupils achieved these grades.

The actual grades achieved by students are impressive. In 2014, over 70% of  students on our one-year option course obtained an A* or A. This figure is approximately double the national average for History; indeed , the 2014 and 2015 GCSE History results place the department in the top 1% and top 3% respectively of all schools nationally in terms of the value they add to student performance. 

Why Study History at Cartmel?

  • All students enjoy the individual use of a colourful textbook, which is supplemented by other materials, such as videos, internet sites, and worksheets.
  • Students will work in a colourful, spacious, professional, and well-organised environment.
  • We make learning fun, using a wide range of activities to allow students to communicate their knowledge and skills.
  • ICT is used to bring history to life and aid communication.
  • The history department is highly successful, consistently obtaining excellent GCSE results.
  • There is a supportive environment in the history department. Our aim is to ensure that all students can enjoy meaningful access to the curriculum, and contribute to class discussions.
  • Students are taught to question and evaluate the evidence placed before them, and then reach reasoned conclusions. Such activities will equip students for a range of careers.