Cartmel Priory CofE School is regularly among Cumbria's highest performing schools in terms of Value Added (progress made by students).


2019 Cartmel Priory School expects positive progress data for the 5th year running

To be updated when DFE data available.


2018 Cartmel Priory School one of Cumbria's top performing schools again

Every year since Progress 8 was introduced as the key performance measure of GCSE performance Cartmel has been among Cumbria's best performing schools.

2018 6th

2017 5th 

2016 1st 

2015 3rd

2016 Cartmel Priory School top performing school in Cumbria in the DFE Secondary School Performance Tables.

  • Progress 8 +0.49, places Cartmel amongst the highest performing schools nationally. 
  • Positive Progress 8 value added in all elements - English, maths, E-Bacc, humanities, languages, sciences and open (other qualifications).
  • All pupil groups positive Progress 8 value added (high prior attainment, middle prior attainment, low prior attainment, boys, girls, disadvantaged, SEND and others).

2015 exam results

  • DFE Progress 8 data measures show that in 2015 students at Cartmel Priory School achieved on average 0.51 GCSE grade better per subject than similar students nationally placing the school in the top 8% of schools nationally.
  • Students performed above the national average in value added measures in all 5 E-Baccalaureate areas i.e. English, maths, sciences, humanities and languages
  • Students of all abilities (upper, medium and low prior attainment) all performed better than similar ability students nationally. Other pupil groups also performed better than similar students nationally.

SIAMS Inspection

  • The school's Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools SIAMS inspection in March 2015 judged the school outstanding for its distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Church of England School
  • The SIAMS inspection showed outstanding judgments for Christian character, the impact of collective worship and the effectiveness of leadership and management.

John Muir Award

  • Cartmel Priory School is a John Muir Award provider with over 90% of students involved in this outdoor based award in Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9

Top of the Form

  • Top of the Form Champions 2019
  • Top of the Form 2016 semi-finalists
  • Top of the Form 2015 finalists

Other highlights 

  • Cartmel Priory School was the first school in Cumbria to achieve the Schools Healthy Menu Award