Collective Worship

The main role of collective worship at Cartmel Priory School is to support the personal development and spirituality of our whole school community.

Year groups are joined each week by a member of the Cartmel Peninsula Team Ministry to share worship together.

The Mission Group, which is made up of student volunteers, helps to co-ordinate collective worship, organise our fundraising activities, and challenges our school community to ‘be the change’ we wish to see in our local community, our country and the world. 

Our definition of spirituality is 

LOOKING INWARDS- understanding yourself, who am I?

LOOKING OUTWARDS- to others, acting as courageous advocates, being inspired by others

LOOKING DOWNWARDS- to the environment, the earth that we live upon and being good stewards

LOOKING UPWARDS-towards GOD or a higher being or force 

We have a structured 'Thought for the Day' programme which is designed by pupils and staff, with input from clergy, parents and governors. It is a flexible programme that includes themes, quotes, prayers, images, video and music. The Thought for the Day programme is rooted in Christian values and teachings, but we are an inclusive community and seek to support everyone on life’s spiritual journey. So, whatever their individual beliefs, there is always something relevant and thought provoking for everybody, whether they be a theist, atheist or agnostic. We deliver a 'Mindful Friday' session weekly to support emotional wellbeing.