Mrs Claire Kinnear - Teacher - Geography.

Mrs Kinnear is an experienced and successful Geography specialist.

About the Course

Key stage 3 





Year 7


·         It's your planet

·         Maps and Mapping


·         About The UK

·         Tourism


·         Africa.

·         Limestone Landscapes

Year 8


·         Population

·         Weather and Climate

·         Our Warming Planet

·         Urbanisation

·         Asia and Southwest China

Year 9

·         Rivers

·         Using GIS


·         Earning a Living

·         International development

·         Russia

·         The Middle East

Key stage 4 - GCSE

Students opt to study geography in years 10 and 11. They follow AQA Specification  "A”, which includes three written exams at the end of the course:

  1. Living with the Physical Environment
  2. Challenges in the Human Environment
  3. Geographical Applications

This course studies geography in a balanced framework of physical and human themes, and

Investigates the links between them. Students will explore case studies in the UK, newly emerging economies and lower income countries.

Paper 1 topics include Natural hazards, Physical landscapes in the UK, and Ecosystems.

Paper 2 topics include Urban issues and challenges, The changing economic world and Resource management.

Paper 3 includes a pre released Issue evaluation (problem solving) task, and questions based on two geographical enquiries, from two fieldwork visits in contrasting environments.  Geographical skills are assessed throughout the whole course.

Assessment & Homework

Key Stage 3

Students in key stage 3, will be given homework every week. The homework will be from a variety of tasks including written tasks, research, group work and preparation for assessments and tests. At the end of each topic and sometimes during, teachers will give students a variety of different assessments to check understanding and learning and to assess progress of each individual student. The assessment results will be given to students and students will be advised on how to improve their levels. The results will also help teachers to write reports to parents.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE

Students studying GCSE geography will be given suitable homework tasks every week.   In preparation for the actual GCSE exams, students will undertake practice GCSE exam questions after every topic as a formal assessment to check progress and understanding in each mini topic.

Field Trips

As the new GCSE specification is currently in its draft form, plans have not yet been finalised for the two fieldwork locations.  These will be decided before the course begins in June 2016. At KS3 there are a range of local field trips; these include weather and environmental surveys around the school grounds in year 7. In year 8 field trips to Hampsfell have been undertaken to investigate the limestone pavements, and in year 9 students have visited the nearby River Eea to undertake a river field study.

Why choose Geography?

"Without geography you're nowhere." - Michael Palin.

"The Earth is just a billion tonnes of geography rolling through the sky. People look down on stuff like geography and meteorology, and not only because they're standing on one and being soaked by the other. Geography is only physics slowed down and with a few trees stuck on it, and meteorology is full of excitingly fashionable chaos and complexity." - Douglas Adams

"We are citizens of the world. The tragedy of our times is that we do not know this." - Woodrow Wilson

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." - Charles Schultz, Creator of Charlie Brown

"Geography is a toxic mix of new age mysticism and political correctness." - Christopher Woodhead, Ex-Ofsted Chief

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose all this from being bold enough to pick the world's greatest subject. Choose tectonics, glaciation and climate change. Choose development, urbanisation and industry. Choose the awe and wonder of the natural world and wonder how you ever survived without knowing it. Choose climbing the steep ascent of Cwm Idwal and feeling closer to godliness than you ever imagined possible. Choose knowing that without geography your life would be a lot shallower. Choose arêtes, hanging valleys and ribbon lakes.  Choose the most diverse subject in the world. Choose being part of one of the most employable sector of university graduates. Choose the only subject that matters.

Choose your future. Choose geography!