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Departmental Christian Value: Courage

About the Course


History at Cartmel is designed to be fun and varied. We cover a wide range of historical topics, ranging from Medieval Britain in year 7 to the Cold War and Vietnam in year 11. In both key stages, the emphasis is on developing pupils’ skills in the ‘second-order’ concepts of interpretation, cause and consequence, change and continuity, significance, and use of evidence. We aim to engage students through wide variety of interactive tasks - students will regularly show off their historical knowledge, not only by way of the traditional essay, but also by way of PowerPoint presentations, role plays, dramas, news broadcasts, and debates. We also run an enjoyable and highly informative educational visit to the WW1 battlefields as part of pupils' GCSE course.

Further details of all history units taught at Cartmel Priory School are available upon request.

Year 7

  • An Introduction To History & History Skills
  • Britain 1066-1500, Including The Norman Conquest, Medieval Society, & The Reigns of Henry II and King John.

Year 8

  • Who Was Most Successful Tudor Monarch?
  • Elizabeth I – Gloriana?
  • Tudor Society
  • Were The Catholics Framed In The Gunpowder Plot?
  • The English Civil War – A World Turned Upside Down.
  • The Industrial Revolution

Year 9

  • Should We Be Proud That We Had An Empire?
  • Votes For Women – Did The Suffragettes Help Or Hinder The Cause?
  • The Era of the Great War
  • How Did One Man Come To Rule Germany?
  • Total War – World War Two
  • Which Post-War Decade Was The ‘Coolest’?


We offer the Edexcel GCSE History course, which has been well-received by pupils. Our course comprises of:

  1. A thematic study looking at a key historical issue over time. We study ‘Medicine  Through Time’ from 1250 to now, with a detailed investigation of the treatment of the wounded in the Western Front of WW1. This ties in nicely with our educational visit to the battlefields of Belgium and Northern France.
  2. A period study. We study Superpower Relations & the Cold War (1941-1991), covering such fascinating events as the Berlin Airlift, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Prague Spring.
  3. A British depth study. This is a study of early Elizabethan England (1558-1588), in which we consider how effectively Elizabeth dealt with the problems that she inherited, and the dangers she faced in the first thirty years of her reign.
  4. A modern depth study. This is a study of the USA from 1954 to 1975, looking at the fight for civil rights and the Vietnam War.


Why Study History at Cartmel?


History GCSE results are very strong, and consistently place us in the top few percent nationally in terms of value-added performance. Indeed, students tend to achieve around a grade more than the average performance of pupils nationally, and the strength of the department was specifically cited in the school’s 2017 OFSTED inspection.

We offer pupils:

  • Individual use of colourful textbooks, which is supplemented by access to the Kerboodle learning platform developed by Oxford University Press.
  • A wealth of other exciting historical materials, such as videos, podcasts, and internet sites.
  • Students will work in a colourful, spacious, professional, and well-organised environment.
  • We make learning fun, using a wide range of activities to allow students to communicate their knowledge and skills.
  • ICT is used to bring history to life and aid communication.
  • There is a supportive environment in the history department. Our aim is to ensure that all students can enjoy meaningful access to the curriculum, and contribute to class discussions.