Physical Education


Alan Coulston - Subject Leader - PE

Sally Hill - Teacher - PE; SSCO

Departmental Christian Value: Trust

Department Vision

"The time allocated to the subject is outstanding" - Education Consultant (Inspection 2007)

Cartmel Priory School is ideally situated on the edge of the Lake District, an ideal location for a school offering a mixture of traditional games and outdoor education both as part of the curriculum and as extra-curricular.

Cartmel Priory's physical education department aims to introduce students to the widest variety of opportunity possible in the hope that it creates a lifelong passion. It also endeavours, through competitions, trials, clubs links and links to further education to ensure that every child realises their sporting potential.

About the Course

Cartmel Priory is committed to ensuring that every child enjoys and participants in high quality physical education and school sport, regardless of their age, ability, gender and background. Each key stage 3 child spends a minimum of two hours per week on physical education and the majority of key stage four students spend four hours. Self-worth and self -esteem develop through physical competence and can lead to higher confidence. This makes students more likely to succeed physically and mentally. Students are given the opportunity to take BTEC First Certificate in Sport and The John Muir Award.

Trips & Outings

Cartmel Priory's physical education department aims to give every student as wide a range of sporting opportunities as possible. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in numerous trips and sports excursions. Annual trips include skiing Alpendorf in Austria; outdoor education visits to Lakeside YMCA and camping residentials in the Lake District. Cartmel also makes regular trips to numerous sporting events such as premiership football, including Manchester Utd at Old Trafford.

Extra Curricular Activities

Students are given the opportunity to participate in both intra and inter school competitive activities including:

Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Kayaking, Gymnastics, Athletics, Health-related fitness, Trampolining, Mountain Biking, Aerobics, Orienteering, Cross-country, Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, Rounders, Kick Boxing, Skiing, Basketball, Dance, Table Tennis and Climbing.