Cartmel Priory School Students Top Performance Tables


Under the new Progress 8 measure, pupils at Cartmel Priory School were found to make better progress than pupils in any other Cumbrian school in 2016 (access the full table here). In the three years since this measure was introduced to assess school performance Cartmel Priory has been Cumbria's most consistent high performing school being in the top 5 schools in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Progress 8 replaced the previous measure of 5A*-C in assessing school performance, and shows how well pupils of all abilities have progressed since primary school. 

Headteacher Dr P Williams said "It's great that pupils of all abilities (low, middle and high) made such excellent progress in their GCSEs. We are very proud of all the achievements of our young people, well done."


* The Progress 8 score is calculated from the following qualifications

English and maths GCSEs

3 "E-Baccalaureate" GCSEs (that is science, humanities or languages GCSEs only)

3 "Other" GCSEs (any GCSE or equivalent qualification not already counted in the previous two groups)