Thought For The Day  

We follow a comprehensive 'Thought for the Day' programme during Form Time in the mornings, the aim of which is to support students to explore the theme of the week in a number of inclusive ways. 

Monday - Year 7 Collective Worship with Chris Mason, Network Youth Church Leader/ Andrea Mason Community and Youth Leader, Cartmel Peninsula 'Churches Together'      

Tuesday - Years 8/9 Collective Worship with Reverend Jo Rand, Methodist Minister for Grange  

Wednesday - Whole School Collective Worship

Thursday - Years 10/11 Collective Worship with Reverend Nick Devenish, Vicar of Cartmel Priory 


Tutor Led Worship at the following times:

Year 7 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Years 8/9 (Monday, Thursday, Friday)

Years 10/11 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)