Partners in Learning Agreement

Cartmel Priory School agrees to support the school community, student and family:

  • To promote good behaviour and high expectations
  • To set homework regularly
  • To ensure student work is regularly assessed
  • To report regularly on student progress
  • To support students in becoming successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens
  • To listen to concerns and take appropriate action
  • To promote Christian values

The Parent(s)/Carer(s) agree to support the school community and student:

  • To support the school in the enforcement of good behaviour in school and on the way to and from school
  • To encourage good attendance and punctuality
  • To ensure the student attends school in the correct uniform and according to the school dress code
  • To encourage the student to bring all the relevant equipment and books to school
  • To support student and school in ensuring the completion of homework
  • To view and sign the student planner weekly
  • To communicate any significant information to the school promptly (e.g. change of address, illness)

The Student agrees to support themselves, the school community and their family:

  • To treat all members of the school community and all visitors with respect
  • To follow the school behaviour policy
  • To attend regularly and punctually
  • To come to school in the correct uniform and according to the school dress code
  • To bring the correct equipment and books to school each day
  • To work hard in class
  • To do their best to complete homework and to hand it in on time
  • To let someone know if they have a problem at school

CPS is committed to its Christian values being reflected in all aspects of its work to the benefit of its school community.