CPS Exam Policy 


CPS Accessibility Plan

CPS Admissions Policy 2025-26

CPS Attendance Policy

CPS Behaviour Policy

CPS Behaviour Statement of Principles

CPS Careers Education (CEIAG) Policy

CPS Charging and Remissions

CPS Child Protection Policy

CPS Collective Worship Policy

CPS Complaints General Procedure

CPS Curriculum Policy

CPS Curriculum Complaints Policy

CPS Data Protection and Information Policy

CPS ECT Induction Policy

CPS Exam Policies

        - Exams Policies & Procedures

        - Head of Centre Declaration

        - Escalation Process Policy

        - Contingency Policy

        - Internal Appeals Policy

        - Disability Policy

        - Complaints and Appeals Policy

        - GDPR Exams Policy

        - Access Arrangments Policy

        - Word Processor Policy

        - Non Examination Assessment Policy

        - Review of Results, Access to Scripts & Appeals Procedures Policy

        - Verification of Identity of Candidates Policy

        - Emergency Evacuation Policy

        - Special Considerations Policy

        - Archiving Policy

        - Conflict of Interest Policy

 CPS Exclusion Policy

CPS Freedom of Information Model Publication Scheme

CPS Health and Safety Policy

CPS Homework Policy

CPS Learning, Teaching and Assessment Policy

CPS Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

CPS Online Safety Policy

CPS Parental Use of Social Media Policy

CPS Prevent Risk Assessment

CPS Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

CPS Relationships and Sex Education Policy

CPS Single Equality Policy


CPS Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

CPS Surveillance Policy

CPS Visiting Speakers and Volunteers Protocol

CPS Visitor Parental Behaviour Policy

CPS Whistleblowing Procedure