Uniform and Equipment

Items marked with * are only available from our uniform supplier -  ‘Identity', Barrow-in-Furness. 

Uniform list

  • Blazer* - Black with a school badge on the pocket.
  • Tie* - Black with yellow crests
  • Trousers - Black straight legged trousers.  
  • Skirts - Plain black pleated school skirt (knee length), to be worn with black opaque tights or black ankle socks. 
  • Shirt/blouse - White.     
  • Jumpers (optional) - Plain black knitted v-neck. (Cardigans and hoodies are not permitted).
  • Socks -  To be worn with trousers;  grey or black.
  • Shoes - Black and flat (for health and safety reasons). Plain black trainer type shoes are permitted. No other footwear is permitted. 

Outdoor coats are preferred in a single, preferably dark colour (blue or black).

Jewellery is discouraged for safety reasons, however one pair of ear studs, one ring and one necklace (worn under a blouse/shirt) are permitted.  Watches may be worn.

Body piercing (nose, tongue, lip, tummy-button etc.) is not allowed in term time. If students have this done during the holidays, the studs must be removed during term time. Transparent nose studs are not allowed. 

Hair - natural colours/suitable styles for work are required.

Nail varnish and false nails are not allowed during term time. 

Make-up is discouraged but, if used, should appear natural.   

We have a range of "pre-loved" uniform in school - please contact admin@cartmelprioryschool.co.uk who can advise on availability of stock.  

Physical Education

PE kit

Sports shirt with school badge (ordered online - contact school for details), black shorts or skort and black football socks, shin pads, sports trainers and football boots (no blades). Gum shields for hockey and rugby.

Optional (from Identity):   A variety of optional sportswear is available from our suppliers including black tracksuit bottoms and hoodies, in the school colours

All students should have a towel for showers.


Naming school uniform

The student's name should be marked on all items of school uniform, including all PE kit.

Books and Equipment

Students are responsible for the books and other items of equipment which are issued to them. If these are lost, they are expected to pay the cost of replacement. Students should have their own pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, coloured pencils or thin felt tipped pens, and such necessary maths equipment as a protractor and a pair of compasses.

Three items which are particularly valuable to the students are a good English dictionary, a bi-lingual dictionary (German-English/French-English), and an up-to-date atlas, and it is hoped that all students would have access to these at home. The Collins Gem or Oxford Mini Dictionaries are recommended. The Philips Modern School Atlas is recommended and can be purchased through school (Geography Department).

Books etc should be carried to and from school in a bag or case.

PE equipment should be separated from books when carried in bags.

Students should generally bring a filled water bottle for use during the day.

Personal Property

Students are expected to look after their own property, while in the school, and members of staff cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items.  Valuables should not be brought into school. Mobile phones must remain switched off in school unless the teacher has given permission for them to be used in a lesson.   

 Any property handed to the staff for safe keeping should be marked with the owner's name, or put into an envelope or other container so marked.

Students do NOT leave any money or valuables in the changing rooms, unattended schoolbags or cloakrooms. These can be handed in to the school office for safekeeping during PE lessons.

Students are encouraged to use a locker and details may be obtained from the office.

Lost PE equipment

Students should contact the PE staff.

Other lost property

Please first ask the Form Tutor, then the school office.