Year 11 Home Learning

This is a collation of resources to bridge the gap to Post 16 Study.  

Advice from Lancaster Royal Grammar School 

We always advise our potential students to do some enrichment work before joining us in September. The link here will take you to the tasks our teachers set last year. They are intended to provide a springboard ready for the new term.

We recommend that pupils read, read and then read some more.

Create an electronic portfolio for each of your chosen subjects and to store any articles or books you've read along with your reactions to what you've read as well as summaries of documentaries that you've seen. 

There are also quite a lot of online courses at Future Learn - as well as various essay competitions being advertised for different subjects. You may get asked at any interview for a prestigious university how you used your lockdown time, so keeping a reflective record of what you do would be well worth the effort. 

Consider non-academic initiatives too - how can you demonstrate you've made a positive impact in your local community this summer?

Ulverston High School 

UVHS 6th Form Preparation

A Level Biology Preparation 

Seneca Learning

Mr Pollock on You Tube

A Level Business Preparation 

Seneca Learning

A Level Chemistry Preparation  

Seneca Learning

A Level English Language Preparation 

Seneca Learning

A Level Geography

A Level Geography Preparation

Seneca Learning A Level Geography Preparation  

A Level History 

Seneca Learning - The Tudors Preparation

Seneca Learning - Russia Preparation

A Level Maths 

A Level Maths Bridging Work

A Level Physics Preparation 

Seneca Learning

A Level Psychology Preparation  

Seneca Learning

A Level Sociology Preparation 

Seneca Learning

A Level Art / Further Study for Art Based Courses  

Message from Mrs Brown

Art transition project

Make your own sketchbook

Level 3 BTEC Applied Science 

Seneca Learning

Level 3 BTEC Business 

Seneca Learning


 Amazing Apprentices

Challenge Yourself 

Teach Yourself Latin